What is RBT?

Over the next several years we are planning to read through the whole of the Bible as a church. It’s open to members and non-members to participate, and people can join in at any point even if they’ve missed the start.

Each month we will start with an RBT Overview sermon, designed to help prepare us for the book we will read that month. You will then have the rest of that month to read that book of the Bible through in your own time. Eight questions are asked of every book every month, and we’ll meet in small groups to discuss what we have read and learned. We will follow the same pattern every month.


April 2019

Join us Sunday 7th April for our overview sermon, followed by copious amounts of cake and coffee!  Then we will meet for our RBT discussions groups on Tuesday 23rd or Thuerdsay 25th April.


The Prophet Hosea

King Jeroboam II, one of the worst kings in Israel’s history, grew apathetic and allowed idol worship to run amok in the nation, opening the doorway for Israelites to cheat, steal, have unlawful sex with, and even murder each other on a constant basis. Growing cold and distant, they had forgotten about knowing God as their intimate first love, ushering in a disaster that would imminently strike through Assyria’s siege. But God does not forget Israel even in their self-destruction, and He teaches us that love is the strongest force of all, even over sin.

To help you get to grips with Hosea, you might find the introductory video from The Bible Project really useful.


RBT Questions

You can download the RBT 8-Questions for use in your monthly reading.

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