About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Grace Church is to build a community of people who BELIEVE, LIVE and REPRESENT the truth of God and his gospel to the world.

But what does that mean, and how does this “gospel-centredness” express itself in the life of the church?

“Build a community”

  • We are seeking to build a local, living, loving community of believers who are committed to Christ and to each other.
  • We’re committed to vibrant relationships and “doing life together” as a church family. We see in Scripture a clear call to be growing in fellowship and rich, God-centred relationships. Stick around long enough and you’ll soon see that we are more than just a “congregation”.


  • We are seeking to cultivate followers of Jesus who are developing a deepening personal understanding of and appreciation for the gospel.
  • We believe and treasure the gospel of Jesus Christ – and you will hear us talk about it a lot! We can’t help it. We’re amazed at the love God has demonstrated for us through the death of Jesus Christ in our place. We were guilt of sin and worthy of punishment from God, but instead he showed us undeserved mercy.
  • We want to continually grow in our amazement of God’s grace. This is what brings us together and makes us a family. And this is the truth we want to always have at the centre of our life.
  • We believe the Scriptures are inspired by God, completely true, and absolutely trustworthy. This is why solid, biblical preaching and teaching is such a priority at Grace Church. We want all our members to be growing in the knowledge of God’s Word.


  • We are seeking to cultivate followers of Jesus who are intentionally applying to their lives the truth and implications of the gospel.
  • We find our direction as a church and as individuals in God’s Word, where the truth of the gospel and its implications for our lives are revealed. We believe that the truths of God’s Word and the gospel are not only to transform what we believe but how we live. Right knowing leads to right living. Biblical truth hasn’t been fully or properly understood until it is lived out in our daily lives.
  • Truth about God, His power, His glory, His majesty, and His disposition towards those who are in Christ brings grace and power that absolutely transforms our lives in discernible and eternal ways.
  • We believe that the truth of the gospel is “omni-relevant”, that it should wield its power and influence over every area of our lives – our marriages, parenting, relationships, careers, leisure time, money, sex, thought life, conduct, suffering, speech, etc.


  • We are seeking to cultivate followers of Jesus who are passionate about reaching their world with the life changing reality of the gospel.
  • The message of Jesus Christ is a precious gift that we have to share with others – because God’s Word commands it, and because we can’t hide the joy we’ve received. And as we faithfully share the good news of God’s love with friends and neighbours, God draws people to himself, and our family grows.

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