Who knew Nathan's jovial words at the end of the service last Sunday (something to the effect of), "We will keep you guessing for next week!" would mean we'd need to update you on the following information so soon?!

We were advised by email on Monday morning that there had been a significant coronavirus outbreak among pupils and staff at Downend School at the end of last week. (Thank the Lord we met outside on Sunday!). Under guidance from South Gloucestershire Council Public Health Team the school has cancelled all external hires and bookings, as part of temporary measures they are taking to contain transmission and prevent further spread of the virus.

This means that for this coming Sunday (20th June) we are UNABLE to meet at Downend School.  With the weather not looking great for an outdoor service ☔️, and with limited other indoor options we have decided that we will have to return to an online-only service this week.

So, we will be streaming a live service from the church offices on Sunday morning at 10:30am.

We anticipate returning to the school when they give us the green light, but -- for this week -- we're back to Grace Church at Home, and watching together on a screen. The service will include all the usual elements, but the kids slot will conitnue to be separate from the main service and available from 7am on Sunday morning for the kids to watch. We will share the link for the kids slot later in the week.

Let's pray for Downend School and all the pupils, staff and families affected by the outbreak, that they all experience a swift return to full health, and that the virus spreads no further, and causes no further disruption to the school community or those who hire the building.