During these uncommon days, we're grateful for Zoom and the technology that allows us to stay connected as a church family.  We hope you have all felt the benefit!

We're particularly encouraged that after the sunday "Service" we had the opportunity to see friendly faces and catch up with one another.  We're also aware that if we continue to only see those who are in our homegroup, we would keep on seeing the same old faces week after week. So, we want to try something different for this week (and hopefully subsequenty weeks) to ensure we "see" more people on a Sunday morning - like we would if we could meet physically.

Nathan, Peter, Matt, Jonathan and Tim will all be hosting "Coffee & Chat" gatherings immediately after the end of the sermon Livestream, and we'd like you all to join one and meet others.  To try make this a bit easier, and to ensure that no meeting is overwhelmed in numbers, if you normally attend Grace Church Sunday services you will shortly receive an invitation to join a "Coffee and Chat" for this week.

The group you join will be a whole mixture of people who normally attend our Sunday services.  Then next week, we will issues new invitations, and we'll get a fresh mix of people to chat with after the service!

Hopefully, over the weeks we will get the chance to see many different faces and enjoy some wider virutal fellowship!

Trust that all makes sense!  Any questions feel free to fire them across to us!

Watch you inbox/WhatsApp for your "Coffee & Chat" invitation!