We're wanting to put together some videos to encourage one another with God's Word as these strange days continue.

So, if you would like to be involved (and I hope you all do!) please:

Choose your favourite verse of Scripture, and record a short video (ideally in landscape format) of you reciting it to camera, and send it to me at this email address.

It can be Old Testament or New Testament -- psalm, gospel, narrative, prophecy, proverb, epistle -- whatever is your favourite!  BUT all we ask that it is just one verse (or 2 if the verse division gets in the flow of the whole thought!).  Anyone can be involved -- so both adults and children. It would be wonderfully encouraging to us all if as many people as possible could contribute. So if you can submit individual videos (rather than couple/family videos), all the better!  And don't worry if you think you will double up on the same Scripture with someone else - it won't matter!

The final deadline for video submissions will be Sunday 31st May 2020, but please do get them in before that if you can.