Way back before the Coronavirus struck (remember those days?!), we gathered together for a series in our VITAL LIFE classes.

These classes are offered at different times throughout the year.  They provide sound biblical teaching accompanied by purposeful application to real life on a whole range of topics (e.g. parenting, marriage, money, growing older, etc).

One of the tracks offered in the Spring was, "Union with Christ", and opportunity to explore this rich doctrine, which describes the relationship between believers and Christ, through which Christians receive every benefit of salvation. It's a doctrine that Sinclair Ferguson calls, "...one of the profoundest, [and] also one of the most practical in its effects.

The material we covered was taught by Mike Reeves, via video. Those videos are freely available on YouTube, so if if you missed the class you don't have to miss out! You can find the 3 sessions (together with handouts we put together) below.


Video #1 - The Benefits of Union with Christ

Union With Christ #1 - Handout

Video #2 - How Does Union with Christ Work?

Union With Christ #2 - Handout

Video #3 - What Does it Mean to “Live in Christ?

Union With Christ #3 - Handout