Bookends of the Christian Life Series

Life is like a box of chocolates” Forest Gump famously once said, but perhaps life could also be described as a book shelf, and all the things we do — whether they be spiritual or mundane — are like individual books perched on that shelf.

Life is busy, and managing all those books — our jobs, homes, families, leisure pursuits, shopping, laundry, paying the bills, daily quiet time, bible study, evangelism, to name a few — can be difficult. ¬†Getting all those books upright and stable is, at best, tricky, but more likely a complex and almost-impossible task! ¬†What we need is two sturdy, reliable bookends to support all those books, and make the difference!

In this series, inspired by the excellent book of the same title authored by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington, we will discover and explore God’s gracious provision in supplying to each of us two essential bookends for our lives:

  • the righteousness of Jesus Christ
  • the power of the Holy Spirit

We take an in-depth look at these two biblical truths and learn to lean and rely on them to support and stabilise our entire lives.

09/10/2011The Righteousness of Jesus Christ2 Corinthians 5:21
16/10/2011Gospel Enemy #1 - Self-RighteousnessLuke 18
23/10/2011Gospel Enemy #2 - Persistent GuiltHebrews 9
30/10/2011The Power of the Holy Spirit2 Timothy 1:7
06/11/2011Dependent Responsibility
13/11/2011Gospel Enemy #3 - Self-Reliance
20/11/2011Leaning on the Bookends

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