Engaging with the Holy Spirit

The person and work of the Holy Spirit is an area of huge controversy among Christians. We are comfortable with God the Father. We understand that. Father conveys a rich kaleidoscope of images: One who guides, governs, provides for, protects, guards, and loves his children. We can celebrate God the Son. We understand that. In being called “son”, we are able to grasp something of Jesus’ humanity and relational identity, it is familiar to us.

Unfortunately, many Christians have differing persepctives when it comes to the Holy Spirit. Some are uncomfortable about the Holy Spirit, almost viewing him like the “weird uncle of family”! Even the name “Holy Spirit” or “Holy Ghost” can create ideas of a cold, mysterious, vague, impersonal, anonymous face-less “thing”. Other Christians spend much of their time, money and energy chasing “experiences” of the Holy Spirit, living for their next “fix” of holy goosebumps, or shivers.

Confusion abounds regarding the role, work and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In this series we aim to bring some clarity to the discussion and hope to gain biblical understanding and wisdom as to the third person of the Godhead: Who is He? What does He do? What is his role? What is his goal? What about His Gifts?

04/05/2008The Person & Broad Work of the Holy SpiritJohn 16:5-15
11/05/2008Variety & Unity1 Cor. 12:1-31
18/05/2008Prophecy 1011 Cor. 14:1-25
25/05/2008The Holy Spirit & Our AssuranceRomans 8:1-17
01/06/2008Tongues 1011 Cor. 14:1-25
08/06/2008Pursuing GodEph. 5:15-21

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