Finally Alive Series


Being “Born Again” is a term that seems to have been hijacked by the contemporary culture, turned upside down and had all its meaning shaken from it, leaving nothing more than an awkward, glib cliche far removed from the Bible’s teaching. Added to that, it has often been cheapened by many “professing Christians” who use the label, whilst not really living any differently from world around them: they go to church and have a thin veneer of religion, but haven’t experienced the reality of what it means to be “born again” and the transforming power that the New Testament describes it to be.

Jesus’ teaching to Nicodemus in John 3 about the necessity and nature of the new birth he offers is one of the most important and magnificent truths set forth in the Scriptures. Nothing is more eternally important than Christians knowing what the Bible teaches about the new birth. Nothing could be more vital than God’s people understanding what regeneration looks, feels, tastes, desires, speaks, walks and thinks like — and knowing they have experienced it themselves!

Our five week series, entitled “Finally Alive” (named after and guided by John Piper’s excellent book on the subject) is designed to rescue the term from the abuse, misuse and overuse to which it has subjected it; to help us freshly see the value of the remarkable status of what being “born again” truly means; to sweep away any lingering confusion and instead give us cause to rejoice in the saving work of God through his beloved son, Jesus.

So, whether you are curious about the Christian faith or you are deeply committed to Jesus and his ways, join us to explore what it means to be truly “born again” and the hope we have in Christ!


12/05/2013Finally Alive 1: What is the New Birth?Nathan Smith
19/05/2013Finally Alive 2: Why Must We Be Born Again?Nathan Smith
26/05/2013Finally Alive 3: How Are We Born Again?Nathan Smith
02/06/2013Finally Alive 4: How Do We Know If We Have Been Born Again?Peter Bowley
09/06/2013Finally Alive 5: How Can We Share the Gospel So Others May Be Born Again?Brian Whittaker

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