The Unstoppable Gospel in the Book of Acts

The Book of Acts give a compelling picture of a community filled with the Spirit. An effective witness depends on the health of the church, and there is no greater launching pad for the gospel than a united, prayer-filled, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, God-fearing community of believers. These are the marks of the Spirit’s presence in the church. The descriptions of the early church in Jerusalem reveal God’s desires for the church in our day.

Acts shows the dynamic progress of the gospel through Christ’s witnesses. The unstoppable power of the unleashed gospel leads the way in reaching out with the good news of Christ. God’s initiative toward the lost compels our initiative toward the lost. The progress of the gospel inevitably involves suffering, opposition, and persecution, but the message of Christ cannot be contained.  The unfailing power of the gospel will prevail.  It gathers momentum and advances to new places and new people through preaching, church planting, and evangelism.

One day, every nation will worship Christ as Saviour and King.

03/04/2011Unstoppable MissionActs 1:1-14
10/04/2011Empowered for MissionActs 2:1-41
17/04/2011A Community AblazeActs 2:42-47
08/05/2011Spirit-Empowered BoldnessActs 3:1-4:31
15/05/2011Church Under AttackActs 4:32-6:7
22/05/2011Endangered, Enhanced & Advance!Acts 6:1-7
29/05/2011Stephen: The Ultimate WitnessActs 6:8-8:4
26/06/2011Philip: The Faithful EvangelistActs 8:1-40
03/07/2011Saul: The Conversion of the Chief of SinnersActs 9:1-31
24/07/2011The Gospel & HealingActs 9:32-43
07/08/2011Crossing the Final FrontierActs 10:1-11:18
14/08/2011The Start of a Worldwide MissionActs 11:19-14:28
28/08/2011The Gospel, The Whole Gospel & Nothing But the GospelActs 15
04/09/2011The Mission Gathers MomentumActs 16:1-17:15
11/09/2011The Gospel: Contend & ContextualiseActs 17:16-34
18/09/2011Lessons from Two CitiesActs 18:1-19:20
25/09/2011A Helpful GoodbyeActs 19:21-20:38
02/10/2011The Long and Winding Road to RomeActs 21-28

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