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Student life is unique. The student years are packed with opportunities and at Grace Church it is our aim to help students make the most of them.

Over the past fifteen years we have had the privilege of reaching out to and serving a growing, thriving community of students from both Bristol University and the University of the West of England (UWE), and from both Bath Universities as well.

Knowing that studying away from home can be difficult – being away from all that’s familiar, like family, friends and church – we seek to specifically support and encourage our student community, reaching out to them and warmly welcoming them into our church family.

The folks of Grace Church are eager to open up their homes and family life to include students.  They will feed you, offer you transport to church and homegroup, and some might even do your washing!  Many of the people in the church are former students themselves, so they know exactly what student life is like!

Over the years, all the students that have come through our doors have said how they love the fun and interaction they have with the people of our church.  For many Grace Church has really become a home away from home!

If you are a student returning to study in Bristol or a fresher coming to university for the very first time and you’d like more information on how to get involved at Grace Church please contact us!  We’d love to see you!


What’s on?

Sunday morning is the best time of the week to join us as we gather for worship, teaching and fellowship as a whole church.  Then mid-week we have our home groups.  And each Sunday evening there’s always something going on at LIFE for students and those in their twenties.


No transport? No problem!

On Sunday mornings our meeting venue is only a short drive from both UWE Frenchay and UWE Glenside campus. And we offer free weekly transport all through the year from both campuses (see details above). And if you’re elsewhere in the city – don’t fret! Just get in contact with us and we’ll sort you out with a ride as well. Contact Us now or just look back up the page for more details.


What does Grace Church think of CU’s?

At Grace Church we are passionate about one particular thing and that’s the gospel!  UCCF and the CU’s at UWE and Bristol University are also passionate about the gospel and reaching the campuses with the good news of Jesus Christ.  So, as and where we can, we fully support UCCF and the CU’s with resources, teachers and prayer.

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