Our Church Life


One Gospel.  Two Generations.

That’s the heart behind G2, our teens ministry. We want to see everyone treasure the gospel – young people included. We are built on one gospel. Since the gospel doesn’t come with packaging that says, “For Ages 18 and up” we look to make it clear to our young folks. Christ is the foundation and content of the life and teaching of G2.

The teen years are filled with unique opportunities for parents and the church to inspire and equip the next generation for its role in God’s plan. These years do need not be marked by the rebellion and indifference so characteristic of our culture.

Rather than parents abdicating their role to the youth pastor, parents are encouraged to be heavily involved in all G2 activities and to be the primary means of grace in their teenager’s lives.

We meet twice a month on Friday nights providing a context where parents and youth can both encounter God and encourage and challenge one another to live lives worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our times together include teaching, small group discussions, deepening friendships, all wrapped up in a ton of fun!

Our hope?

That the teens and their parents would grow in their understanding of, and personal appreciation for the gospel, seeing the implications of biblical truth outworked in their lives. That the teens and their parents would develop deep relationships that are biblically rich and characterised by grace, encouragement, honesty, thankfulness and biblical wisdom.

The results?

By God’s grace, stronger families, open communication, and parents and teens growing together in their love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church.

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