Pastor Kevin DeYoung writes, “[We] need to catch Jesus broader vision for his church – His vision for a church that is intolerant of error, maintains moral boundaries, promotes doctrinal integrity, stands strong in times of trial, remains vibrant in times of prosperity, believes in certain judgement and certain reward, even as it engages the culture, reaches out, loves, and serves.  We need a church that reflects the Master’s vision – one that is deeply theological, deeply ethical, deeply compassionate, and deeply doxological.

This sermon series captures the essence of the values and mission of Grace Church, as we aim to heed Kevin DeYoung’s wise words.  We are seeking to build a community of people who Believe, Live, and Represent the truth of God and His Gospel to the world.

07/09/2008The Vision of Our MissionActs 2:37-47
14/09/2008BELIEVE2 Tim. 1:8-14
21/09/2008LIVEJames 1:22-25
28/09/2009REPRESENTCol. 4:2-6
31/05/2009What Jesus Wants for His ChurchRev 2-3
07/06/2009What the Church Needs of ChristRev 4-5

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