The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke is a book that capture a unique perspective of the life and death of Jesus Christ. Luke wrote this account to faithfully record a holy history of the Son of God. He desired that his fellow Christians would have certainty regarding what they’ve been taught about Jesus.

As pastor Kent Hughes writes, “Luke’s carefully researched and orderly account of the life of Jesus Christ is one of the finest pieces of historical writing in all of ancient literature. Yet it also accomplishes its divinely appointed – and more personal – purpose: that people of every century “may know the truth.” Luke will make you certain about the truth – not only of his gospel, but of the gospel; those who study Luke cannot stay the same. He took great pains to present the gospel with maximum power under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The result is a compelling story.

19/11/2006Promises KeptLuke 1:1-38
26/11/2006Song of PraiseLuke 1:39-56
10/12/2006The Fianl CountdownLuke 1:57-80
17/12/2006The First NoelLuke 2:1-20
18/02/2007Testimony & LegacyLuke 1:1-38
25/02/2007The Hidden YearsLuke 2:41-52
11/03/2007Preparation & ProclamationLuke 3:1-20
18/03/2007ConnectionsLuke 3:21-38
22/04/2007The Temptation of JesusLuke 4:1-13
29/04/2007Deal or No Deal?Luke 4:14-30
13/05/2007The Authority of JesusLuke 4:31-44
20/05/2007Gone FishingLuke 5:1-11
27/05/2007The Unclean are CleansedLuke 5:12-16
10/06/2007The Miracle with a MessageLuke 5:17-26
17/06/2007New WaysLuke 5:27-39
24/06/2007The Lord of the SabbathLuke 6:1-11
15/07/2007Discipleship & The Smile of GodLuke 6:12-26
22/07/2007The Difficult Command of LoveLuke 6:27-36
29/07/2007Planks & SpecksLuke 5:37-42
12/08/2007Authentic DisciplesLuke 6:43-49
25/11/2007Who is This One?Luke 7:1-17
02/12/2007Dealing with DoubtsLuke 7:18-35
09/12/2007Sins ForgivenLuke 7:36-50
06/01/2008The Soil TestLuke 8:1-21
13/02/2008Nature, the Supernatural & The Son of GodLuke 8:22-39
20/01/2008Desperation, Faith & The Son of GodLuke 8:40-56
27/01/2008The Kingdom Preached & DemonstratedLuke 9:1-17
03/02/2008The COnfession & Consequences of Being a Jesus FreakLuke 9:18-27
10/02/2008Listen & LearnLuke 9:28-50
24/02/2008The Hard Walk of Following JesusLuke 9:51-62
09/03/2008The Worst & Best Thing in the WorldLuke 10:1-24
16/03/2008NeighboursLuke 10:25-37
30/03/2008Mary & MarthaLuke 10:38-42
06/04/2008The Disciple's PRayerLuke 11:1-13
06/07/2008Hard Hearts, Cold Shoulders or Response-able?Luke 11:14-36
13/07/2008Woes & WarningsLuke 11:37-54
20/07/2008Living in Light of EternityLuke 12:1-34
03/08/2008Be Ready!Luke 12:35-13:9
10/08/2008Learning the Lessons of HistoryLuke 13:10-14:24
24/08/2008The Cost of DiscipleshipLuke 14:25-35
05/10/2008The Rebellious, The Forgiving Father & The Begrudging BrotherLuke 15:1-32
19/10/2008True RichesLuke 16:1-18
26/10/2008The Difficult Doctrine HellLuke 16:19-31
02/11/2008Gotta Have FaithLuke 17:1-19
09/11/2008Now & Not Yet!Luke 17:20-18:8
07/12/2008Appealing to the Court of MercyLuke 18:9-17
14/12/2008The Kingdom FactorLuke 18-18-30
01/02/2009The Saviour Who StopsLuke 18:31-43
08/02/2009The Divine MissionLuke 19:1-10
15/02/2009The Parable of the 10 MinasLuke 19:11-27
22/02/2009Jesus at JerusalemLuke 19:28-48
08/03/2009Questions for JesusLuke 20:1-21:4
15/03/2009Warnings!Luke 21:5-38
29/03/2009Betrayals & DenialsLuke 22:1-62
05/04/2009Dead & BuriedLuke 22:63-23:56
12/04/2009Alive Again!Luke 24

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